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        X-Author Boosts CRMUser Adoption and Productivity

        X-Author turns Excel into a complete user interface for CRM, including Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. X-Author’s powerful combination of Excel and CRMboosts CRM adoption, increases Excel productivity, saves administrators hours, and automates processes easily throughout the company. WithX-Author, you can easily build and deploy productivity applications with global scaleor install ready-to-use applications.



        X-Author Delivers Massive Benefits to Every Department

        Admins and IT

        With X-Author, you can bring incredible productivity gains to every departmentand save yourself hours on data migration and maintenance tasks with the flexibility and full power ofExcel.

        Sales Operations

        Empower your Sales team to complete CRMtasks in Excel, where they are most efficient. Drive your team to full CRMadoptionand complete your own work in record time.


        Update CRMfrom Excel or from your browserthe choice is yours. With X-Author, you save time and effort updating your CRMrecords, so you have more time to win deals.


        Accelerate and automate your legacy Excel-based processes with X-Author, so you can respond to the market in minutes instead of spending valuable time on repetitive jobs and data transfers.


        Make CRMa valuable part of your workstream with X-Author. Keep the power of Excel and add the control of CRMto automate both regular and one-off tasks.



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